Civil Company Formation

With the advent of EXPO 2020, the UAE government had introduced many reforms in the formation of company laws for Business Setup. Entrepreneurs who wanted to start a business but has put their plans on hold were fortunate, as the Government introduced many types of licenses which were within their means and yet provides a n opportunity to establish a name for themselves. One such business setup that can be formed by professionals is Civil Company Formation.  

Eligibility for civil company Setup

Specialists in the field of Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Engineering, Consultancy, who are certified and licensed legally in UAE can apply to form a Civil company.

company formation
Company Formation

Benefits of starting a Civil Company

Setting up Civil company in UAE

Precautions to be considered – Civil Company formation

Though it’s a lucrative deal specially for specialists or professionals, one must keep in mind certain precautions or at least consider the alternatives that come along with it. This 100% ownership comes with unlimited liability and if no preventative methods are taken one can end up burning a big hole in one’s pockets, which will not only put you in financial difficulties but also can tarnish you professionally as well.

Hence while going for such business setup, its always advisable to see professional help from knowledgeable experts like FirstStep, who can validate the pros and cons for you to start the best suitable option.

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