International Freezone Authority (IFZA)

The International Freezone Authority (IFZA) is positioned in the emirate of Dubai, one of the best and topmost global strategic location for business in the GCC region. This freezone becomes a channel for easy access to key shipping routes and seaports.
With its latest innovations in the field of technology and expansion towards the economic development of the Emirate, it is the idyllic setting for the investors who wish to ascertain their presence and business in UAE.

Benefits of formation of IFZA

Starting a business setup in Dubai, UAE is at the simplest and easiest state wherein the UAE government has eased out many regulations to persuade foreign investments. Be it for a UAE National or an Expatriate, a new business setup in Dubai can be formed in matter of few days provided the documentation are thorough.

Freezone company setup in Dubai
Freezone company setup in Dubai

Process of Setting up a company in IFZA

The steps involved in Dubai freezone Company setup is almost like other freezones, except for certain legalities that need to be met of the concerning governing authorities.

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The different packages available in the formation of IFZA company setup, as a new investor, one might stand at a hurdle, perplexed to choose the best for one’s business setup. FirstStep with its in-depth knowledge attained with years of experience can guide you the best package suitable for your business within your financial budget.

IFZA Packages

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