Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

With an array of diversified economies such as manufacturing, tourism, retail and technology with promising industry sectors, Ras al Khaimah has been slowly but steadily developing into an exceptional investment destination.

What is Offshore company formation

Business setup in UAE is a strategic endeavor, offering diverse opportunities for entrepreneurs. A company that is being legally setup to carry out operations outside the registered territory is termed as an Offshore entity. The Ras al Khaimah international corporate center (RAKICC) offers Offshore company formation in Dubai, UAE.

Offshore company setup Dubai
offshore company formation in Dubai

Why an Offshore business setup in RAKICC?

With its strategic location to ports and considering the proximity to Dubai International airport, registering your company as an Offshore setup in RAKICC, has its own set of privileges that cannot be enjoyed while setting up other companies in UAE. The subsequent points are some of those benefits:

Points to be taken into consideration - Offshore Business setup in RAKICC

Though RAKICC seems to be a lucrative option, there are few points that we need to contemplate while starting an Offshore business setup. 

Forming a RAKICC offshore company

Though the formation of RAKICC setup is considered to be the easiest, a simple error can delay your process in getting the same. At FirstStep we make sure that the entire process is done hassle free and at the earliest for you to start your venture without any worries of mishap of Offshore Company Setup Dubai .

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