Sole Proprietorship

With unlimited opportunities booming, an ideal situation has risen for many professionals to exercise their expertise. The Dubai Economic Department (DED) has the option for such professionals to start a company of their own in Mainland setup in Dubai, under Sole proprietorship. In this formation of Sole Proprietorship company, a professional can run this mainland company as single owner with 100 % ownership to his/her business with help of a local service Agent.

Advantages of Sole proprietorship


Going for Sole proprietorship – Lookout

While going for Sole proprietorship or registering yourself as a sole trader is attractive for entrepreneurs, there are these following points to be kept in mind while opening a sole proprietorship in Dubai.

Initiating your registration for Sole proprietorship

At FirstStep one can, be confident enough to entrust their sole proprietorship setups for a smoother course throughout. With our team who has extensive knowledge in documentation and the legal formalities, one can be free of the anxiety of the documentation of filing the application forms and approvals. We will work along with the legal entities and other professionals to start up and expedite your business.


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