Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park

With constant aim to manage and develop in the field of Technology and Innovation, the Sharjah Research Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTIP) was formed in 2016. With an intention to form a long sustainable revenue for the Emirates, many innovative reforms were made.
With Sharjah being the only emirate sharing borders with all other emirate, it opens many opportunities in terms of business accessibility while maintaining low operational costs.

Advantages of SRTIP

When you start a business setup in Sharjah freezone, there are many undeniable facilities one can benefit from. Following are the few of those amenities


Company Formation in SRTIP

The processes are almost same as the other freezones, except for exceptions based on the activities that they offer. One must be vigilant to decide, which would be the best based on their activity

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With the onset of the digital technologies, many of the processes are performed online, which may be a complicating experience for many investors as they are already baffled enough in the thought of starting a business setup in Sharjah freezone. FirstStep will stand as your cross over route to reach your destination provided all the records for your licensing meets the requirements in formation of Sharjah Freezone company.

SRTIP Packages

Business setup consultancy

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